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About AGNES RF MicroNeedle Device

Versatile device offering targeted response to lower eyelid rejuvenation, submental reduction, and jawline sculpting.

What is AGNES RF Microneedling?

Agnes Radiofrequency (RF), has been introduced in the global aesthetic practices for minimally invasive dermatological procedures. After the approval from the US FDA, Agnes RF has been adopted to Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Aesthetic Practices in the US as the backbone technology of non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

The protective features of the micro-insulation and the length of the electrode were developed over two decades of clinical studies from our key opinion leaders in global practices. Needles of different lengths and configurations allow the users to customize the treatment based on the patient’s unique needs.



What is RF Energy?

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is a form of electromagnetic waves found in everyday appliances. In aesthetic treatments, the electromagnetic current is used to deliver thermal energy to heat the deep layer of the skin layer known as the dermis. The heat stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Like most forms of energy, RF energy induces heat - the foundation of RF energy treatments.


How does AGNES use RF Energy?

Agnes RF utilizes RF energy in its hand-piece and delivers it through the innovative micro-insulated needle. The micro-insulation coating on the needles preserves the integrity of the upper layers of the dermis and only releases concentrated RF energy through the needle tip. This allows for safe and comfortable, yet deep, penetration of the skin to deliver heat to targeted areas. The selective heating and coagulation induces natural bodily reactions, encouraging the production of collagen and elastin. 

What are the benefits of AGNES RF?

With its incredibly small size and precise energy delivery, it can treat delicate, hard-to-reach areas that were not possible before. The micro-insulated needles allow for concentrated RF energy delivery while preserving the upper layer of the dermis. This allows for a sale and effective treatment that is minimally invasive with minimal downtime. 


Which facial areas may be treated with AGNES RF?

Areas such as chin (jawline contouring), jowls (pockets on either side of the chin), and under eye bags.


Does it hurt?

A topical numbing agent and/or lidocaine injections are used to minimize discomfort. Patients typically report a discomfort level of 2 to 4 out of 10 during treatments.


What is the downtime?

Swelling and bruising are common post-treatment and recovery is generally within 2-3 weeks, just like with injectables such as Kybella.


When will I see results?

Results are noticeable as soon as 1 week post-treatment and continue to improve to at least 4-5 weeks post-treatment.


Pricing: a range of $995 to $2900 per session, based on area(s), with 2 sessions typically recommended for optimal results

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